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1.Your Name: Sydney
2.Your age: 14
3.School you run track for: RHS
4.What races you run (the ones your best at, or enjoy the most): I only did one race for the 2005 season. And I only raced it one time. It was the JV 4x100.
5.What field events you do, if any(the ones you prefer to do): I throw discus and shotput. If I could I would only do discus because I don't like shotput, but at my school, if you want to be a thrower you have to throw shotput and discus.
6.Any records you hold or your greatest accomplishment in each event you do: None. I did not do very well this year since it was my first year of ever doing track. I was upset at myself. But there is always next year.
7.Your goals for this year: To throw discus in the high 70's or higher. And to throw shotput in the high 20's.
8.Your favorite before/during running/event music or song: Any fast song.
9.Your running shoes/spikes (picture if possible): New Balance!
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