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Running Bitchez!

All things Track
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This community is more of a forum for track. There are no real themes or things that can get you booted out. Members can post pictures and results of anything, and are strongly encouraged to help others with their training or injuries.

When you join, please post within a week this information in a cut, with My Info in the subject box

and remember you dont have to be a runner, I have friends that just do the shot put

1.Your Name
2.Your age
3.school you run track for
4.What races you run (the ones your best at, or enjoy the most)
5.What field events you do, if any,( the ones you prefer to do)
6.any records you hold or your greatest accomplishment in each event you do
7.Your goals for this year
8.Your favorite before/during running/event music or song
9.Your running shoes/spikes (picture if possible)

make the numbers in bold for easier reading