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1.Aaron Zaidman
3.Eagan High School
4. 200, 400, 100-but just as a warm up
5. High jump
6. I hold my middle schools record for the 400 even though i lost the race, I only once sprinted the 200 and i got a time of 24.9- not too great, i run a 14-13.5 100, and I cleared 5 feet 2 inches at districs last year, good enough for 3 place behind two 5-6,5-8 jumpers (freaks). I might add that I only missed at my three attempts at 5-4, and my father screamed when I cleared 5 feet, freaking candadian never saw me clear that before
7.For this year, my my goals include getting my 200 time down, clearing 4 more inches in the high jump, and keep lowering my 400 time constantly, oh and stay healthy unlike last year
8.I have alot of good songs.
Metallica- For Whom the Bell Tolls
Slipknot-Wait and Bleed
Rage against the machine- Wake Up, Killing in the Name, Born of a broken man
POD- Boom
KoRn-Freak on a Leash
House of pain-Jump Around

9.I have nike spikes and i have no clue where i put them, but if i do find them ill post a pic, but they are orange and black and i owe much of my success to them
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