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1. Your Name:
Katie Otteson

2. Your Age:
One Quarter Century

3. School you run track for?
"Ran" Track for Greenway High School in Phoenix, AZ. Wanted to do track at The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, but couldn't fit it into my class/work schedule. =(

4. What races do you run?
I wasn't a runner... but I did run a 4x400 once... that was... interesting

5. What field events you do, if any,( the ones you prefer to do)
High Jump & Pole Vault

6. Any records you hold or your greatest accomplishment in each event you do
I missed the school record in High Jump by 2 inches, but I still hold the best jump for a Junior in high jump. I also hold the high jump record (jumping on grass) at the Green/Gold meet-- that was a school meet where we'd separate our squad into two teams... and I was the first girl pole vaulter at my high school... so I technically held the school record for a couple years =)

For only doing two events, I was pretty good. I was the high-point girl & high point field athlete at my high school my senior year. You can view all my medals here.

Greatest accomplishment was winning State for High Jump in 1998. (See Newspaper Article Here)

7.Your goals for this year
I miss track & talking about track. I'd like to maybe pass on advice for competing in my events... or trade track stories.

8.Your favorite before/during running/event music or song

9.Your running shoes/spikes (picture if possible)
I had some old Nike Spikes.

Thanks for allowing me to join this community. I lived, breathed, and ate track and field for 4 years in HS. I hope that no one sees me as an old, has-been who doesn't know anything about track anymore.

I wanted to do track in College, but I was working to pay for school while majoring in engineering-- I didn't have time to train or do anything besides school. I put my education first and don't regret it. I do, however, enjoy Track still and hope that I might have some tips that would help some younger athlete out... For example, how to get rid of shin splints =)
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