Can't think of any more usernames. (no___username) wrote in track_field,
Can't think of any more usernames.

1.Your Name Steph
2.Your age 14 you run track for NRHS
4.What races you run (the ones your best at, or enjoy the most)  4x8 relay
5.What field events you do, if any,( the ones you prefer to do) sadly i havent done any field events...
6.any records you hold or your greatest accomplishment in each event you do considering this is my first season ever playing a sport, my accomplishment is running a 3:08 in the anchor leg of the 4x8
7.Your goals for this year lower my 1600 and 4x8 times
8.Your favorite before/during running/event music or song "Fell In Love With A Girl" by the White Stripes
9.Your running shoes/spikes (picture if possible) i don't have one, but i'll post one later

aah, help, i'm running my first 3000 tomorrow!! and i have to run a 1500 too!!

any advice? it'd really, really be appreciated. and any advice on getting rid of ankle pain and tendonitis in the foot would be awesome too

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